1. 1x pinheader female 4 pins 1x pinheader female 3 pins 2x pinheader female 2 pins
  2. 2x micro servo
  3. 1x toggle switch
  4. 1x electrolytic capacitor 100µF 1x electrolytic capacitor 1µF
  5. 1x diode 1n4007
  6. 1x ic socket dil28
  7. 1x ic socket dil16
  8. 4x led white ultra bright
  9. 1x IC ATMEGA128 20 PU
  10. 1x IC L293D H-Bridge
  11. 1x voltage regulator LM7805 TO220
  12. 1x clock 16 MHz
  13. 2x ceramic capacitor 22pF
  14. 1x ceramic capacitor 100nF
  15. 4x light dependent resistor
  16. 5x resistor 100kΩ
  17. 2x pinheader male 2 pins
  18. 2x resistor 220Ω
  19. 1x button
    Not on the image:
  • 1x 9V battery clip
  • 2x wire 5 cm
  • 1x wire as bridge (3cm)
  • 4x shrink tube


To allow KATER move free and gently, download the Arduino sketch and upload it to your Arduino board. Feel free to modify and improve this sketch however you want.
Download Arduino Sketch


To print your own PCBs, dowload our layout or eagle file. You may also improve the layout by modifying the Fritzing sketch. In case you don't have access to pcb-printing facilities you can order KATER here via E-Mail. Download Fritzing Sketch Download PCB Layout Download Eagle File


To enable KATER to communicate with the system we provide a simple Processing Library. Processing Library